Value-Added Services

Test and Repair Services

Innerstep supports aftermarket test and repair services with customers at all levels. This has been a natural extension of customer production programs utilizing Innerstep's high service orientation and technically-oriented production staff. Innerstep's customers are often focused on mission-critical applications which require a robust replace, upgrade, refurbish, and re-certify process.

We offer:

  • In-Circuit test on multiple platforms (Genrad, HP, Teradyne, etc.)
  • Functional test (both PCBA and System box build test)
  • Environmental testing: Burn-In in Environmental chamber (High/Low temperature, humidity control)
  • RF testing
  • High Voltage testing, Hi-Pot and Ground testing

Supply Chain

Innerstep differentiates itself in our ability to manage a complex supply chain that comes as a result of high mix, high part count products. We go further in our ability to support anything from simple batch manufacturing to JIT. On the back end of the supply chain we provide pack out services, spares support and customer fulfilment. Our system was designed to balance the required responsiveness of a local site with the many advantages of system-wide visibility.


We offer:

  • Design for Manufacturability (DFM) reports
  • Manufacturing Process Instructions (MPI)
  • BOM creation and maintenance
  • Disaster Recovery Programs