About InnerStep

Innerstep provides manufacturing and design solutions for original equipment manufacturers located in markets across the US.

Innerstep is located in Scotts Valley, California. Our manufacturing capabilities include complex systems, printed circuit board, mechanical and cable assembly. We complement these manufacturing skills with a variety of after-market services and design resources that fill in resource gaps within our customer’s organizations.

Key milestones in Innerstep's history include:

  • 1992: Formed as a test & repair operation serving Emerson Electric.
  • 1993: Added turn-key systems manufacturing capability.
  • 1994: Added complementary manufacturing sites across the U.S.
  • 1996: Added quality credentials across sites including ISO9000, FDA Regulation, J-STD-001, FMEA, and Nuclear high reliability certifications.
  • 1997: Acquired Design Services capability and integrated into companies.
  • 1998: Integrated ERP systems across all sights.
  • 2000: Integration of manufacturing systems across sites and further acquisitions of customer owned and independent operations.
  • 2003: Added quality credentials across sites including ISO9001:2000
  • 2007: Added quality credentials ISO 13485 and qualification for Automotive system PPAP.
  • Present: Upgraded quality credentials ISO9001-2008 and ISO 13485-2003

Certificate of ISO 9001-2008
Certificate of ISO 13485-2003